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Guide to Business Copiers

Over 60 years over in 1949 the Xerox Corporation introduced the first xerographic copier called the Model A whereby photocopying in general was itself termed as "xeroxing" although today there are many copier vendors.

Copiers make paper copies of documents by using heat or ink jets. Copiers were deemed more convenient and reliable than computers to make copies of pieces of paper. Copiers can range from around $100 to many thousands of dollars, depending on the maker and the machine’s capabilities.

Copiers are also going wireless and digital to meet the needs of the average work place and technological advances are being made to make copying more efficient. Xerox remains as one of the more popular manufacturers and is also working on the best technology and processes with their copying products.

The advantage of business copiers today is their ability & efficiency of

  • Speed
  • Sound
  • Ink Use
  • Duplexing or printing on both sides of the paper
  • Stapling
  • Sorting